As Geographers at Keston, we learn all about the world around us in an exciting and meaningful way with a focus on outdoor learning opportunities. Our lessons use a largely investigative approach which promote creativity and critical thinking about the world to equip our pupils with the skills and the knowledge to explore the world around them and have a better understanding of our planet. The children learn about a range of diverse topics about a variety of places, people, resources and natural and human environments. Some of our topics: human and physical geography, how to use maps and technology as well as conducting our own fieldwork. We also intend to give all the children a sense of place through our Geography lessons whilst developing an in-depth knowledge of both where they live and their local community as well as the wider world by making comparisons with the UK to countries across the world.


As Geographers, the children will be encouraged to:

  • ask questions, think critically and develop their own sense of perspective of the world
  • use Geographical vocabulary
  • conduct their own investigations.

We feel this is important to ensure we provide our children with memorable, real life experiences.

Additionally, each year group at Keston studies a theme within the 'Our Changing World' topic which has a strong focus on:

  • climate change,
  • pollution and
  • recycling.

This enables the children to understand how and why places our changing to help us gain an understanding of the world and our future and how we can live in a sustainable way.

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