Global Scholars - Year Five

global scholars

Every week, children in year 5 take part in a Global Scholars lesson. They use Chromebooks to communicate directly in E-Classrooms with peers across the globe. We currently have connections with New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Taiwan and many more!

This programme creates opportunities for students to learn about other cities and how to solve global problems.

This year we have focused on food security in our local area. The children researched local food chains and looked at what was available to meet every individual's needs. This encourages them to understand the ever-changing nutritional needs for our current climate.

Throughout the year, the children take part in online discussions within their E-Classroom, where they can ask and answer questions related to the topic. At the end of each year they complete a final project, they have to try hard to work together and are assigned job roles to complete the task to the best of their ability.

The children are always very enthusiastic during Global Scholars lessons and take pride in the work they produce!

Finn (Horowitz Class)
"I enjoy sharing my opinions with my peers and learning about our local community. It is really interesting to learn about other cultures too!"

Mia (Gavin Class)
“I really enjoy taking part in Global Scholars lessons, I like getting to know other people’s cultures and being able to ask them questions about there city. I enjoy working with my friends during the lessons and helping people use the Chromebooks. I think it is so fun!”