Our Learning Skills

At Keston we have worked hard on developing a language of learning.

We have identified 6 main values to learning and each has its own character.


Relly Resilience

  • I understand that sometimes I will have challenges
  • I can adapt to new situations
  • I know that to build resilience takes time, strength and help from other people

Iggy Independence

  • I try to solve problems myself in different ways
  • I can take responsible risks
  • I know when to ask questions to help me learn

Coola Collaboration

  • I can talk to others about my learning
  • I can listen to and value other people's ideas to help me learn
  • I can cooperate and manage my feelings when working with others


Reevo Reflection

  • I am ready, willing and able to learn in different ways
  • I think about what I need to learn
  • I am patient and take time to get it right

Percy Perseverance

  • I can make marvellous mistakes to help me learn
  • I have the courage to have a go and keep trying when it is hard
  • I try not to say 'I can't'

Rezzi Responsibility

  • I choose positive attitudes and actions
  • I am proactive in my learning
  • I can challenge myself