At Keston Primary School all of the children have the opportunity to feel and act like young scientists.

Our approach to teaching science is through the scientific enquiries and the five components. These being comparative, fair testing, observing over time, seeking patterns, identifying, classifying and grouping, and the use of secondary sources.

We challenge children’s curiosity through engaging and investigational activities. Throughout the children’s time at Keston, science lessons increasingly progress and it is visible to see the differentiation in the work throughout the range of topics taught.

Children are encouraged to use higher-level, scientific vocabulary and this should be through communication and shown in their work. Science lessons are a mix of both teacher and child led activists where we encourage the children to question any ideas. In order to achieve and provide an inclusive science curriculum, we differentiate the learning in a lesson to challenge all pupils while also supporting pupils who may require it. Throughout the different science topics, the children research and learn about scientists from a range of diverse backgrounds.


Some of the topics we cover in KS1:

  • Seasons
  • Materials
  • Animals
  • Plants and Growth

Some of the topics we cover in KS2:

  • Forces and Magnets
  • Space
  • Light
  • Rocks and Fossils
  • Electricity
  • Evolution and ever-changing world.


The pupils and staff enjoy teaching and learning new things in science lessons as it excites and stimulates our scientific curiosity.

Below are some links to support your child at home:

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