At Keston we endeavour to ensure our children will be young mathematicians, developing curiosity and a critical appreciation of the subject, and securing the skills, knowledge and understanding required to underpin an understanding of the world around them.

In line with the National Curriculum, maths teaching aims to develop children’s fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We follow an approach, which gives all children the opportunity to deepen their mathematical understanding and reasoning skills, follow lines of enquiry, conjecture generalisations and justify decisions based on proof, through varied and stimulating lessons. They apply their mathematical knowledge through all areas of their studies including science, technology and the arts and gain skills necessary for financial literacy and to everyday life. Wherever possible, learning is linked to real-life contexts and consolidated through outdoor learning opportunities.


'Mathematics teaching is well organised and effective with outcomes that are strong across the school. There is a clear emphasis on fluency, recall and reasoning in all mathematics lessons. Working walls are used in classrooms to record steps in learning, key mathematical language and stem sentences, pictorial representations and misconceptions.'

Basic Skills Quality Mark - Renewal Summary

June 2021

Lessons incorporate a range of mathematical representations, practical resources and opportunities for children to communicate mathematically when justifying, proving and explaining their thinking. In addition, children participate in regular investigations, to enable them to demonstrate deeper understanding of their mathematical knowledge and skills.

Working walls are used in classrooms to record each step in learning, key language and stem sentences, representations and misconceptions. They are used as live, interactive knowledge organisers, supporting pupils own formative self –assessment of ‘What I need to do and ‘What I need to know’.