School Awards

Basic Skills Quality Mark 

In June 2018 the school successfully renewed the Basic Skills Quality Mark.

The following 'good practice' was identified in relation to the Elements of the Quality Mark:

  • The strong and effective management and leadership at the school provides a safe and secure learning environment for all members of the school community
  • Clear vision from the leadership team ensure that Basic Skills are embedded in the school
  • Good rigorous evaluation of data ensure that the school is well informed on pupil progress and achievement
  • Teaching is consistently good / outstanding across the school, which is based on thorough and well differentiated lesson planning and monitoring
  • The school has good systems in place to monitor children who are underachieving or under attaining and provides effective support programmes to address their needs
  • The schools provision for phonics is well established within the school and results confirm the positive impact that this is having on children’s achievements
  • All staff have access to good CPD
  • The school has an attractive and stimulating learning environment, with particularly effective use of interactive and colourful displays in classrooms and around the school to support teaching and learning
  • The school’s governing body is well informed and active within the school. Clear and well-presented information for the Governing Body about the school’s approach to the basic skills and the pupils’ attainment and progress is provided by the Head teacher and SLT
  • Parents are well supported, not only with their child’s learning but also their own
  • The children at the school spoke extremely positively about their school and the care and support that they receive from the teachers and staff
  • New initiatives in reading are proving very successful and are having a very good impact on writing
  • The school is actively seeking our cross curricular links to support basic skills
  • The school has benefited from an investment in new book resources
  • The school is providing and developing some exciting challenges for pupils in mathematics as they start to embrace the new curriculum
  • This is a very happy and caring school with a strong team ethos

STARS Accreditation – Bronze

STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe) is Transport for London's travel plan accreditation programme which provides a framework and guidance for nurseries, schools, colleges and academies to put in place a travel plan at the same time as applying for STARS accreditation.

STARS rewards educational establishments for their achievements and commitment to encourage safer more active travel behaviour such as walking, cycling and road safety.  The scheme helps identify issues, looks at how pupils and staff currently travel to school, sets targets, monitors progress and celebrates success.

I am pleased to advise you that following the school’s work on the Travel Plan last academic year, led by Miss Nice and the Junior Road Safety Officers, means we have been awarded the Bronze Award.