Keston Vision 2023

Children, families, staff and governors worked together in the Autumn Term of 2020 to shape the vision for the school.

The collated, shared ideas for the 'Four Pillars' of excellence can be seen below.

The 'Four Pillars' are:

  • Standards and Achievements
  • Provision and Partnership
  • Wellbeing and
  • Community
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The Four Pillars

Standards and Achievements


Partnership and Community


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Wellbeing Photo

Every child is highly motivated to be an independent learner and achieve their full potential. Achievements are recognised, valued and celebrated by all.

Our children are engaged by a vibrant, diverse and evolving curriculum. Our excellent learning environment is creative and stimulating.

Children, families, staff and Governors proudly work together with mutual respect to ensure our schools success.

Every child thrives in a safe, supportive environment. We believe in ourselves and each other.