Junior Travel Ambassadors

Junior Travel Ambassadors

We have a new team of Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA’s). Many thanks to the outgoing JTA’s who helped with recording active journeys to school.

What is a JTA?

JTA’s help us to promote safe and sustainable travel to and from school. Keston Primary School have subscribed to Living Streets WOW scheme. WOW stands for Walk Once a Week.

WOW encourages pupils to travel to school actively at least once a week. If they manage to do this, pupils are rewarded with a monthly badge. The class with the most badges is awarded the WOW trophy.

What is an active journey?

An active journey is walking, cycling or scootering. For those who need to travel by car or public transport, it also includes Park and Stride. This involves parking some distance away from school or leaving public transport early in order to include a walk of at least 10 minutes.

You can find out more about the benefits to your child’s health and to the environment by following this link.