Year 5 Trip to Kidzania June 2017

On the 13th June 2017, year 5 went to Kidzania for our school trip to help us with our topic ‘Microsociety’.

Quotes from children...

First I patiently queued for the Supermarket. Once I was inside, I was excited to work on the till! I had two jobs; one was working on the till and the other was shopping. I loved it because I got paid eight Kidzos. The lady was extremely nice and funny.

Next I went into the Capital FM Radio Station. That was my favourite one because it felt like I was live on the radio. When I was speaking, I felt like everyone was listening. I also loved the lanyard I got at the beginning. It said ‘Access All Areas.’

I enjoyed Kidzania and hope this trip carries on forever! I would love to go again.

Ruby (Tolkien)


At 8am we caught the coach to Kidzania. When we arrived we were given a security bracelet, hair net and 50 Kidzos.

At first, I changed the wheel on a car at the Pit Stop Lane. Afterwards I was a policeman then a firefighter. My favourite thing was the racing car.

Kidzania was fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone.

Edward (Horowitz)