Vision Draft

Vision & Mission

Respect – Believe – Achieve

V Value yourself and others

At Keston we aim to recognise the strengths and talents of all members of our community; we celebrate personal success and provide support for those who have difficulties in attaining their goals. Through encouragement, praise and positive reinforcement we aim to ensure that each individual understands their importance as a member of our school community and values the role played by others in their daily lives.

I  Include everyone

At Keston we actively encourage all our parents, carers, staff and community members to be involved in the children’s learning. We recognise that to be equal you may need to be treated differently. We provide opportunities which enable the children to learn about, understand and value differences, so they are able to celebrate them and recognise the importance of inviting others to participate in their daily activities.

S  Show respect and responsibility

At Keston we endeavour to ensure that tolerance and understanding underpin our daily lives. We listen to, respect and value the opinions of others. We aim to support the children in developing skills which enable them to make the right choices in their lives.

I  Inspire in each other a love of learning

At Keston we aim to instil a passion for lifelong learning. We recognise there are a variety of ways of learning and encourage all to share experiences in a creative and exciting environment. We encourage questioning, which enables the development of individuals with enquiring minds who make a positive contribution to the whole community.

Offer to all a safe and happy environment

At Keston we ensure that each individual is supported in a kind and caring environment which enables them to feel secure. We aim to provide a clear framework of behaviour that fosters trust and develops in each person the confidence to take risks with the realisation that this leads to learning.

N  Nurture every member of our school community to reach their full potential

At Keston we aim to ensure that every child will achieve in all aspects of their development. We recognise that high levels of attainment are reached when individuals are set challenging targets with support and encouragement to meet them. We understand that we live in a constantly changing society and thus the children and all members of our community should be equipped with the skills to meet the challenges of the future.