Key Stage 2

Curriculum in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

During Years 3 & 4, wherever possible, the National curriculum targets are met through specific daily work on the Literacy and Numeracy Strategies along with integrated project work involving cross-curricular activities.

The programmes of study undertaken are based on the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum.  Continued importance is placed on the development of essential core skills in reading, writing, oral skills, numeracy, science and study plans supporting the foundation subjects and Education for Personal Relationships.

This work continues in Year 5 with all core subjects and foundation subjects being developed.  The skills of research development and investigation also play a more prominent role.  In Years 4 & 5 musical, sporting and dramatic opportunities become more frequent and extended.

By the time the child has reached Year 6 the essential concepts, knowledge and skills encompassed in the National Curriculum should be well rooted.  Daily teaching in numeracy and literacy takes place along with weekly teaching of science, art, music and physical education.  The teaching of geography, history and technology takes place in blocks at various times within a specific term.  Key Stage 2 testing takes place at the end of Year 6 with most pupils at Regina Coeli attaining or exceeding the nationally expected standard for 11 year olds – Level 4.