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News Updates

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July 2016 – Road safety presentation afternoon with a film premiere of Kestons road safety film.

April 2016 – Writing Ambassadors competition winners click here to read both entries

Red Nose 1                     Red Nose 2 


Keston recently won an award from the Tadworth Children’s Trust for our continued support to this worthwhile cause. For more details please see our parent information section/local community.


  • Thank you!

    Some of the children have been busy creating a tribute to our wonderful NHS.

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  • Year 5 World Book Day

    On Thursday 5th March we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up in pyjamas and brought our favourite books in to share with Nursery. In Year 5 we made Mr Twit’s “Wormy Spaghetti”. We cooked spaghetti, then chopped up onions, grated carrots, opened tins of tomatoes, chopped mushrooms, added a variety of herbs and cooked them altogether. We took our “worms” home. They were delicious!!!!

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  • Roman Day Year 3

    Year 3 Roman Day
    Tuesday 3rd March 2020

    On Tuesday, Year 3 became Romans! They made Roman shields and used them in a mock training session outside as well as working collaboratively to make their very own mosaics.
    They learnt about the different types of foods the Romans ate and followed a set of instructions to make Roman style oat cakes. They created Roman Menus and,at the end of the day, took part in a Roman Banquet. Here, they had the opportunity to try their oat cakes as well as lots of other foods such as, olives, grapes, apples and dates.

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  • Croydon Swimming Gala heats, January 30th 2020

    Brilliant news Croydon Swimming Gala heats took place today and for the first time ever Keston Primary School won for Best Girls, Best Boys and also Best Overall. Well Done to all the swimmers and staff and parental support. We look forward to including more information on the swimmers in our next newsletter.

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  • Year 2 Fire of London Workshop part 2

    To celebrate the end of our Great Fire of London topic year 2 had a fantastic visit from the fire service. The children had a great time going inside the fire engine and looking at the heat sensor camera. They all got to have a go spraying the hose which they all enjoyed! After the firefighters gave them a fire safety talk and answered lots of interesting questions.

    Fireman 2
    Fireman 3
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  • Family Woman Morning

    On Family Women morning year 5 made a model of the solar system. They used lots of different art skills to create their masterpiece in small groups. They all took it in turns to do different parts of their model. The jobs involved: painting, colouring,cutting, gluing and drawing. All year groups enjoyed lots of fun activities and more photographs will be available on the photo gallery.

    Year 6 enjoyed during family woman morning,  analysing the impact of sentence lengths and considering the power of short sentences to add effect.
    We moved sentences around in a setting description to see which order had the most impact.

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  • Year 2 Great Fire of London Workshop

    On Monday 20th January, year 2 enjoyed The Great Fire of London workshop. They have been really busy learning about this topic this half term and really felt it come to life. They learned all about how the fire started and why it spread so quickly. They also learnt lots about Samuel Pepys and why he was so important. The children had a great time dressing up and participating and there was also lots of laughing throughout the morning.

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