The Staff


We have two staff vacancies for September:

 A permanent Lunchtime Supervisor

 A part time (afternoons only) Nursery Nurse (or equivalent qualification) – this contract is initially for one year. 

If you are interested in either of these roles please contact the School Business Manager, Sarah Driscoll, via the school office. 

Applications for the school based teacher training at The Valley Teaching School Alliance is open on UCAS - click here for more details.


Leadership team

Claire Murphy
Helen Green
Deputy Headteacher
Jenni Stevens
Assistant Headteacher/Inclusion
Tracy Parker
KS2 Leader
Rebecca East
Early Years Leader
Fiona Tribe
KS1 Leader


Administration Staff

Sarah Driscoll
Business Manager
Ann Floodgate
Finance Officer
Debbie Cosstick
Office Administrator
Julie Morgan
Office Manager


Teaching Staff

Kirsten Meadowcroft
Ladybirds Class
Lucy Cawkwell
Yellow Class
Catherine Sweeting
Teacher release & pupil support
Lesley Nixon
Horowitz Class
Krissy Nice
Blue Class
Harriet Davies
Purple Class
Lisa Kirk
Green/Orange Class
Rebecca Perrin
Red Class
Julie Milsom
PPA Cover
Kate Johnson
PE Teacher
Ellie Swainson
Rowling Class
Rebecca East
Bumblebee Class
Sally Orazietti
Orange Class
Amelia Loft
Tolkien Teacher
Lauren Sutton
Dahl Class
Tracey Parker
Shakespeare Teacher
Tara Eason
Fiona Tribe
Green Class
Phil Edmonds
Tolkien Class
Eve Robinson
Pullman Class
Dan Rosewell
Rosen Class
Andrew Turner
Dickens Class


Teaching Assistants

Lauren Dobson
Green Class
Emma Roberts
Year 6
Katy Marshall
Blue Class
Megan Kasperson
Nursery Sessional Care
Lesley Crampton
Ladybird & Sessional Care
Hazel Franks
Bumblebee Class
Tracey Finn-Evans
Red Class
Irene Turner
Purple Class
Jackie Smart
Yellow Class
Barbara Fitzpatrick
Yellow Class
Diana Bennett
Orange Class
Sam Cuttle
Rowling / Pullman Class
Viv Dorset
Dickens/Shakespeare Class
Bev Panayi
Dahl/Rosen Class
Sarah Wickers
Tolkien Class
Sheralee Page
Shakespeare / Dickens Class
Di Mark
Year 4 & Learning Mentor
Maree Fairhall
Librarian & Year 5 Class
Sarah Croft
1:1 Pupil Support
Sue Johnson
1:1 Pupil Support
Debbie Mills
Sally Etheridge
Rosen/Dahl Class



Helen Ransom
Swimming Instructor


Premises Staff

Paul Price
Site Manager


Breakfast Club

Mrs C Kirby
Bev Panayi
Club Leader
Robyn Finch

Lunchtime Supervisors

Irene Turner
Lunchtime Co-ordinator
Robyn Finch
Carla Kirby
Sarah Croft
Nicky Chisholm
Sessional Care
Nicky Hmimssa
Carol Docwra
Viv Dorset
Sally Etheridge
Bev Panayi
Sarah Wickers
Debbie Mills